Some Facebook Users are Shockingly Stupid. News at 11.

Browsing Failbook is funny but also depressing. Tonight I have read the following:

  • More than one person thinking Japan and China are the same country
  • Two people unable to correctly ID photos of The Great Wall and the Eiffel Tower and asking where the photos were taken
  • One person not knowing the sun is a star and another who thought it went out at night like a lightbulb
  • A handful of evolution deniers, topped by someone claiming (facetiously, I hope) not to believe in gravity who was immediately embraced by the creationists
  • A gajillion spelling and grammar errors
  • A Bible “scholar” claiming that Adam and Eve were BFFs with Jesus
  • Another scholar claiming that The Last Supper, if it happened, happened chronologically after WWII
  • A history scholar fist-shaking that the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor
  • Several dozen illiterates bitching that school sucks
  • A handful of whiners complaining bitterly about their jobs but forgetting that they Facebook friended their bosses
  • A boy who did not know how to boil water
  • Many people bitching about bad drivers while texting Facebook updates as they drive
  • A mother who fed her child a chocolate cupcake so she could sleep in, knowing the child is mildly allergic to chocolate and would be quiet while her little system processed the unpleasant side effects caused by her allergy
  • A girl who thinks Florida is “landlocked”
  • Two guys who think Austria = Australia
  • A girl who was not sure what chicken wings are, and who asked if they were from baby chickens.
  • Chad Ochocinco being stunned that pigeons lay eggs and do not give birth to tiny baby pigeons
  • A girl arguing that walnuts are the same thing as peanuts because “both are nuts”
  • Someone wondering if there were cats in the United States
  • Someone asking, “I wonder where the other half of the moon goes when it is not full?”
  • An idiot arguing that there is a vast left-wing conspiracy controlling the sun to cause global warming
  • Someone all saddened to discover that bacon comes from piggies.
  • Someone claiming that a coworker asked what London is. He reported that he told her that London was a country. A friend popped up to say that it was not a country, it was the capital of France.
  • Another geographically-impaired person insisted that New York City was the “capital of the United States.”
  • A girl asking how to rewind a DVD.
  • Someone poured out several bottles of expensive liquor after mistaking routing numbers / product ID codes for expiration dates.
  • Someone’s dad used catnip as a spice in all the family meals for weeks until someone else caught on
  • Someone so dumb that another user was reduced to typing “battery make electricity” in caveman-ese to her.

I’m so depressed.


3 thoughts on “Some Facebook Users are Shockingly Stupid. News at 11.

  1. righttobitch says:

    For whatever reason, the one about Florida being land-locked made me “lol”. Eh boy…

  2. nzvetstudent says:

    I’m not sure if I’m more depressed that this much ignorance exists, or by the fact that there are systems in place that are allowing for this kind of stupidity to run rampant even though public schooling is mandatory.

  3. Kara says:

    And this my dearest DJ, is why my facebook consist of friends, people I went to school with, you, a handful of people who frequently post relevant things of interest, and that is all.
    And even then I deal with some things that make me shake my head.

    But yes, this post makes me very very sad for humanity.

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