The Hilariously Inept Shenanigans Of Rep. David Rivera (R-FL): Fake Democrats, ‘Bad Girls,’ And Election Fraud, Oh My!

It’s almost like a Carl Hiaasen novel. A corrupt Republican politician with Saint Reagan hung in a place of honor on his office wall (and his fingers in too many unethical pies) who tried to hide his tracks via the generous application of — wait for it! — correction fluid on the damning documents. A fake Democrat “shadow candidate” deployed to influence an election in Rivera’s favor, who hid his race (white) on fliers targeted at African-American communities. A Republican political operative who bragged about how bad-ass she was and how rough she liked to play, who liked to crow about the time she stripped bare and fired a gun at her ex-husband, and who has mysteriously disappeared. An increasingly testy herd of unsmiling Government Suits who are circling around like hungry sharks. Oh, Florida! Shine on, you crazy diamond.

Larry, Moe and Shemp
Florida Representative David Rivera has been the subject of five different ethics violation investigations since 2006, which include tax evasion, campaign finance fraud and money laundering. Rivera apparently felt that he needed to add to his criminal résumé and so he tried some election tampering on for size by funding a fake Democrat to siphon votes, donations and support away from his real Democratic opponent in a primary challenge.Read the rest of the article at Addicting Info!

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