Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence

Murphy the Ferret’s tin foil cap is not on too tight.

Some topics, especially when combined, which promptly give me a migraine:

Bilderbergers! Masonic symbols! Illuminati! Saltpeter in military food! Subliminal programming in the media! Reptilians! Crop circles! Ancient astronauts! Opus Dei! Vaccinations cause autism! Proctor and Gamble is Satanic! Fluoride is mind control! CIA KILLED JFK! Hollow Earth! Loch Ness Monster! Mothman! Men In Black! 9/11 was a false flag operation! Moon landing faked! Alien remains at Roswell! Free energy is being suppressed by corporations! Bermuda Triangle! Philadelphia Experiment! HAARP causes tsunamis! Priory of Sion! AIDS and H1N1 were manufactured diseases! Protocols of the Elders of Zion! CHEMTRAILS ZOMG! Princess Diana Murdered! Global Warming is a HOAX! The Tunguska Event! Marfa Lights! Rothchilds! Rockefellers! Obama is a Kenyan Muslim! New World Order! The Federal Reserve! Pan Am Flight 103! Vince Foster! Skull and Bones! Masons! Jewish people rule Hollywood and banks! Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia did not die! Eurabia! Crystal skulls! Nazca lines! 2012! 666! 13! The Da Vinci Code! Orgone! Vril Society Conspiracy! Men Who Stared At Goats! Who Killed the Electric Car? The Man! The Establishment! Phoebus cartel! Mossad! Commies, pinkos and reds! The military–industrial complex! Bohemian Grove! Committee of 300! Pilgrims Society! Le Cercle! Montauk Project! Project Rainbow! Unified Field Theory! Time travel! K-holes! Paul is dead! Elvis is alive! Phantom time hypothesis! TIME CUBE! Subdermal GPS trackers! The Mafia! The Devil hand sign! THEY LIVE!

This is not to say that stuff that exists does not exist. Obviously the Federal Reserve is a real thing. It’s all the conspiracy theories tied to these things that make my eyes cross. With all the wonders and genuine mysteries in life, why indulge paranoia by getting really wild with the conspiracy theories and looking for symbolism and special numbers and secret signals and so on?

I am just saying: I’m going to assume your tinfoil hat is on too tight.

Back your wild-eyed conspiracy theories with some verifiable facts from a couple of reputable, peer-reviewed sources, and we can talk about it.


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