Atlanta Sheriff Roger Garrison Upset He Got Caught Wearing KKK Robes

Ain’t THIS some shit. Racist gets caught being racist, complains that discussing his racist past now hurts his family’s feelings.

Georgia Sheriff Who Dressed Up As KKK: Criticism Of Me Is ‘Sickening And Hurts My Family’:

Sheriff Roger Garrison dressed up in a Ku Klux Klan outfit when he was 22 years old — and now he wants people to stop talking about it.

A photo obtained by local TV station WSBshows Garrison and a friend in KKK attire, drinking beer.

The Atlanta sheriff insists that the outfit was meant to imitate a scene from the movie Blazing Saddles, and says that any criticism is not fair game. Garrison considers it a stupid move but says that the fury over the picture is “sickening”: “I don’t deny it was stupid, looking back now,” Garrison told the station, “but there again I say what 21 or 22 year-old in this world hasn’t made some stupid mistakes?”[…]

“I don’t espouse any of that. It’s just insane that politics digresses to this state,” he said.

The release of the photos comes at a bad time for the sheriff, who is facing a fight for re-election next month.

“I don’t think anyone who knows me is going to think anything of this,” Garrison told Atlanta’s CBS affiliate. “But it’s just sickening and it hurts my family.”

To the many black families living in Georgia, the outfit is far from a joke; the Ku Klux Klan are still a functioning white supremacist group with the aim of keeping white people separate from other races.

Garrison’s opponent is staying out of the debate, but did say, “it’s a statement that the suit makes and to call that a joke is – I don’t think a lot of people would laugh.”



I am having a Samuel L. Jackson heat-inspired meltdown, clearly.

I have had it with all these motherfucking racists in my motherfucking state. GTFO.

Seriously. Do NONE of these people know how to say “I am sorry, I fucked up, I feel bad, I won’t do it again”? Hello? Any of them?

No, it’s all about how butthurt they are that they are being outed as racist motherfuckers in public because that might make their families feel all bummed and stuff, bu hu hu. Here’s an easy way to avoid shaming and embarrassing your family because you are caught being a racist asshole: Do not be a racist asshole.

I mean, how difficult is this concept? As the folks around here might say: don’t start none, won’t BE none. Don’t act the fool and you won’t get called a fool.

I take an extra measure of offense when people in my state reinforce these stereotypes. Like I don’t have to coexist with enough of these knobheads as it is.


The KKK hate everyone who isn’t a white asshole. I am not down with people who celebrate white assholes.

Any “good” the Klan did was public relations bullshit to make their racist crap go down easier. It’s like loading up a spoonful of sugar to chase that slug of poison you were just forced to eat.

You can’t waltz into Wal*Mart and buy yourself a hood and robe off the rack. That shit is expensive. I saw a documentary about it. Some little old redneck racist granny in a trailer takes your measurements and all the badges and frills and colors and bullshit you want on your Omniscient Chameleon Battlegown and procedes to hand-sew a custom Racist Snuggie for you, with matching Racist Duncehood. These things cost hundreds of dollars. So, my question is: WHERE DID GARRISON AND HIS BUDDY FIND A PAIR OF THESE KLAN SUITS? You know what I think the answer is? I think that even if Garrison and his buddy were not actually in the Klan themselves, someone in one of their familes (or both) WAS and had Superlative Gecko and Extraordinary Snaildarter robes available to borrow. What do YOU think?

FUCK the Klan.

They are also the reason protest groups like Anonymous are not allowed to wear masks in public in some jurisdictions.


You know what? I was once 21-22 years old; here are some things I did not do and then blame it on being a dumb kid:

1. Dress up like a Klansman, ROGER GARRISON

2. Dress up like a highway patrolman, MITT ROMNEY

3. Get too drunk to behave myself

4. Drive drunk

5. Call someone a racist, sexist, homophobic or misogynist slur

6. “Forget” to use contraception

7. Vandalize shit that does not belong to me

8. Draft dodge (though I am a girl), MITT ROMNEY

9. Lie on my resume

10. Steal shit. No, I have never even lifted a tube of Chapstick from Walgreen’s.

11. Not pay my taxes (… *cough*)

12. Drunk dial

13. Forget where I parked my car / drive like an asshole

14. Blow off work (unless I was vomiting or contagious)

15. Mistreat pets or other animals

16. Wear offensive slogans on my t-shirts

17. Listen to shitty music

18. Hang out with idiots (if my friends were constantly idiotic, I got new friends)

19. Watch shitty television; life is too short and there are too many good books and non-shitty shows to watch (actually I went without watching TV at all for about 7 years)

20. Cheat on my significant other

21. Vote Republican


I could go on, but I get really sick of people trying to excuse stupidity on their youth. I managed to be a responsible adult human being and make good decisions, and I am far from perfect. It’s called considering other people and thinking of potential consequences.

And not being a damn racist.



One thought on “Atlanta Sheriff Roger Garrison Upset He Got Caught Wearing KKK Robes

  1. drsivana99 says:

    You’re right, none of these assholes never actually admit to or apologize for anything. About the best you get is, “I’m sorry my remarks were taken out of context and people got upset.” Fuck that shit.

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