All About The Booty

This post is all about the butt.

callipygous – having perfectly shaped buttocks
chromopygous – having painted buttocks
hypopygous – having a deficiency of buttocks
apygous – having no buttocks
hypothermopygous – having cold buttocks
triplopygous – having three buttocks
monolithopygous – having one hard mass of buttocks
quesopygous – having buttocks that smell like cheese
cryptopygous – having mysterious buttocks
nebulopygous – having vaguely defined buttocks
andropygous – having manly buttocks
hippopygous – having horselike buttocks
megalomanipygous – having delusions of grand buttocks
sinopygous – having Chinese buttocks
rhinopygous – having a nose between your buttocks
aeropygous – having streamlined buttocks
orthopygous – having well-toned buttocks
harmonipygous – having well-tempered buttocks
jellopygous – having gelatinous buttocks
gelatopygous – having deliciously dessert-y buttocks
oratopygous – speaking through one’s buttocks
calcipygous – having bony buttocks
lithopygous – having buttocks of stone
steatopygous – having fatty deposits on your huge buttocks


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