Election 2012: FOUR MORE FOR #44! SUCK IT, MITTENS

Claire McCaskill–IN (beat Todd Akin)

Tammy Duckworth — IN (beat Joe Walsh)

Joe Kennedy III — IN

Tammy Baldwin — IN

Sherrod Brown — IN (beat Josh Mandel)

Kristin Gillibrand — IN

Elizabeth Warren — IN (beat Scott Brown)

Alan Grayson — IN

Joe Donnelly — IN (beat Richard Mourdock)

Martin Heinrich — IN

Maggie Hassan — IN

Grace Meng — IN

Patrick Murphy — IN (beat Allen West)

Princeton wonks and Nate Silver at 538, vindicated!

Gay marriage in more states! Yay!

Best of all:


I am so proud.

The voter suppression didn’t work. The dodgy electronic voter machine shenanigans failed. The constant lies, race-baiting, bigot-encouraging, cynical photo-ops, hatred for women, unions, minorities and the 47% from Romney failed. The Koch brothers failed. FOX News, failed. Rush Limbaugh, failed. Karl Rove, failed, Donald Trump, failed. Sean Hannity, failed. Glenn Beck, failed. Ann Coulter, failed.


We the people, we won.


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