10,000 Reasons Civilization Is Doomed (A Sampler)

The site to see: http://www.10000reasons.org/

My (truncated!) List:

1. Bros and Bro-Hos
2. The worship of Paris Hilton and her ilk
3. The decline of literacy (i.e., more TVs than books in average household)
4. Spammers
5. Religious Right ignoring Separation of Church and State
6. One Billion Chinese To Acquire Vehicles (pollution is the problem, here)
7. Hole in Ozone Layer
8. Fashionable anorexia
9. Tanorexia
10. Apo’stro’phe Abu’se
11. LEETspeak used without irony
12. Yiffing
13. Bukkake / Hentai (see also: goatse.cx, and then there are people perpetually raising the bar on what’s considered ‘hot’)
15. Mother Mary appearing on tacos, garages, interstate overpasses, chocolate pots and toast. (see also: Behold, Jesus In My Omelet! (ad nauseum) and JesusFish chrome bumper decorations)
16. The brouhaha over gay marriage. Let them get married. Sheesh.
17. Ann Coulter
18. Dr. Phil and Dr. Laura
19. Terrorists and the TSA making air travel even less pleasant, just when you thought that was impossible
20. Stupid baby names (I suspect no one named Mi’KayLeigh Neveah is going to win a Nobel Prize)
21. The RIAA chasing down impoverished college students
22. Antibiotic resistance in common diseases, MRSA
23. People who claim the Holocaust never happened
24. People who claim the moon landing never happened
25. Scientology
26. George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, Karl Rove, Dick Morris and Bush cronies still somehow relevant to people.
27. Scary crap in our food, beverages and personal care products (Aspartame, GMOs, MSG, sodium laurel sulfate, high-fructose corn syrup, red dye made out of crushed beetle carapaces, many more)
28. The Transmogrification of Dennis Miller. Still so very saddened.
29. Cartoons thinly disguised as toy adverts
30. “Intelligent” Design
31. The return of the bubble skirt, arm warmers
32. Permanent body modifications considered trendy; a dumbass getting a Romney/Ryan logo tattooed on his face
33. Women’s magazines that force unrealistic beauty ideals on impressionable, insecure youth (See also: Label whoredom, $4,000 purses, increasing consumer debt)
34. Porn as mainstream trend (see also: pre-teens in “PORN STAR” shirts, anus bleaching, nether-hair removal services, Bi-sexuality turned into a fashionable trend, peroxided white-blonde hair considered attractive, breast implant surgery considered trendy, obsession with anal sex, obsession with thong underwear, inability to separate fiction as seen in porno from reality as encountered around other human beings, Girls Gone Wild videos, Viagra (etc.) pills and commercials for same damn near inescapable, much, much more)
35. Decline of civility and manners in the general public (see also: Baby Obsession, Road rage, Idiots Who Ruin Things For Everyone Else, Rude Mobile Phone abusers, People who think Jackassery is something cool to aspire towards, metal detectors in schools and hospitals, many, many more)
36. Frivolous lawsuits (i.e., Twinkie defense, PMS defense, burglars suing for injuries sustained when breaking into other people’s homes, etc.) and a different system of ‘justice’ for rich celebrities caught being rapists, murderers and pedophiles that non-famous rapists, murderers and pedophiles don’t receive
37. The condo-ification of major cities
38. McChains running mom and pop stores out of business
39. Rampant “sense of entitlement” disease spreading out of control
40. Increasing gap between the poorest and richest people on the planet
41. Noise pollution (see also: raprock, gangsta rap, nu-country and boybands)
42. Political correctness stretched to insane limits: be kind and thoughtful. That will do.
43. Materialism run amok
44. Pets as accessories (See: dogs as accessories, purse pooches, coordinating pet clothing), un-spayed/neutered pets, pets discarded when they become inconvenient, “breed trends” (rushes to buy certain breeds that were seen on TV or in a movie), abused animals, inadequately trained animals, illogical pet bans (e.g. ferrets in California and NYC, etc.), kids in college buying pets they will abandon after they graduate, general animal cruelty and mistreatment
45. Clear Channel Communications
46. It’s far easier and cheaper to eat horrible fast food, ramen and processed crap than it is to eat organic, healthy un-crap.
47. We’re all working more and enjoying it less. The “good life” is mainly causing me stress.
48. The amount of education required to get a damn job that can pay the buills is getting ridiculous. A few decades ago, college was a luxury. Now grad school is pretty much a necessity in most fields.
49. Taxation Without True Representation
50. The fact that I could rant for another day or two straight and not run out of things that are Just Plain Wrong with civilization.

Want to share your top reasons Civilization Is Doomed?


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