Working With Passive-Aggressives

Passive-aggressive co-workers are the worst.

You know, so soft-spoken and sweet and all on the surface, but quick to go behind your back and whine and plot and agitate mutual acquaintances and tip-toe tap-dance around stating an actual opinion straight out until it can be delivered at the most inopportune, unpleasant, WRONG time possible? These are people who think they are right, deep down, and they harbor a deep resentment against people who actually have assertive personalities and the ability to express a simple thought out loud directly, and they write nasty (possibly unsigned) letters and slip them under your door or stick them with magnets to the communal fridge, and huff off to stare at their Robert Kinkaid prints and Ziggy and Cathy cartoons in their cubicle until their likewise maladjusted buddies slip over to poke the coals some more. They hold grudges and pick fights from afar so they have plausible denial later for being instigators, they whisper behind your back, they cry crocodile tears and pout and act like puppies being kicked for no reason and I HATE that personality type. So soft and sweet and mean as snakes when they don’t get their eay, and it’s so hard to figure out what the hell they want until there’s drama splooging all over the place. They are seriously stressful humans to work or live or associate with. Grrr.

I have worked with WAY TOO MANY of these women. They drive me batty.

That said, I’d gladly endure a whole horde of them to have a steady paycheck and a full-time job again. We do what we must.

2 thoughts on “Working With Passive-Aggressives

  1. xenubarbi says:

    Ah ya silly weasel farmer, have you never heard of the Annoy A Tron?
    Great for all those annoying workers who are already running on one shred of sanity!

    • britpoptarts says:

      The random noise generators? I’ve heard of them. When you work in the same general vicinity as the passive-aggressive and have no spare cash, they aren’t the best idea. 🙂

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