Song Sampler

Fun stuff.
Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab” as remixed by Hot Chip. W00t!
Why? She was a hot mess, with her stash in her hive and her drugstore slippers, but she could sing (when she wasn’t boo-hooing on stage and calling the audience a bunch of mucky cunts). My neighbor works in a substance abuse clinic, and hates the message of this song. Secretly, though, she knows all the words. Sing this one in the shower.

Old stuff.
Badfinger’s “Need Your Lovin’. W00t!
Why? Beatlemania never dies, it just spawns clones. Originally Badfinger were The Iveys. This is one of those facts that pop up in music trivia contests, so write that down. Spot the Beatle influence, and guess which Beatle embraced them the most. You know what? It ages well. You might like, especially if you do not already own it.

Odd stuff.
Adam Kay & Suman Biswas–“London Underground,” a spoof of the Jam’s “Going Underground.” (There do be some cussin’.) W00t!
Why? Paul Weller is the Modfather, and totally awesome, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a silly spoof of one of The Jam’s biggest hits. Public transportation, it sucks. Amen. Though Londoners should count their blessings, man. They never had to deal with Atlanta’s MARTA.

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