Paralegal Classes Are Keeping Me Hopping

Oy vey. Have two research papers due tonight, two due tomorrow, one-sixth of my final project due Monday, research on the Eric Doctrine due Tuesday, a research paper on Rubio v. Davis due Wednesday (and the citation for S. E. 2d. is incorrect, with an unrelated case appearing on p. 367 in volume 500), more research on attractive nuisances is due Thursday, then there’s a test in Friday with another research paper due that night, two more NEXT Saturday, two more NEXT Sunday, and another sixth of a final project due Monday, plus whatever additional homework I get on Monday, plus required active daily discussions in online class forums that require hours in WestlawNext and Westkaw to back up opinions with relevant law, and that’s just school stuff due.

I also have reams of personal stuff/errands to do, including job hunting and household stuff and trying to explain to Mom that I’m going to have homework every night for the next six weeks, and my ”light day” is the same day she has evening classes to teach. This means she’ll drop in every weekend to interrupt my work/study time and add stuff to my To Do lists I don’t have time or energy to do, all because she won’t believe I am truly swamped with stuff I must do and therefore must actually be trying to ignore her. Because…needy parent is needy. The fact that I get all As is seen as being due to my smarts, which were not due to anything i did but granted to me at birth genetically by my family, but definutely not due to any actual effort on my part being combined with those smarts.

So my online fun time will have to be grabbed in random bursts between dry school-related duties and writing. Woo, fun!

It’s a good thing I LIKE school and learning. I even enjoy writing, once I know enough about a subject TO write. Thing is, school eats up all my non-school writing time and burns out my brain for non-legal-related topics for hours on end. The citation format is different. The acceptable language is different. It’s all good, no worries there, but it makes my poor grey cells a wee bit tired.

I had HORRIBLE anxiety palpitations for days over my first big assignments for Torts class, and just got this message from my professor:

“Wow! You hit this out of the park (which is appropriate for a sports facility). Superb work! Extremely thorough. I particularly liked the questions you constructed. And the transcription and comments on demeanor were especially helpful…awesome!”

I had to take a hypothetical set of fights at an ice rink during a hockey game (two sons and then two fathers fought with each other) and interview a potential client who wants to sue every-fucking-body he can, plus identify ten witnesses, come up with ten witness questions, etc. Never did anything remotely like it at all, and was sure I’d failed. So, yay!

The other assignment:

“Stunning! You have provided a scholarly, comprehensive analysis for both discussion questions! You also have cited all of your sources, not to mention that you diligently have responded to your classmates’ many posts…awesome!”

We also had to introduce ourselves this week, and she commented on that, too:

“What a delightful autobiography! So warm and funny! And, my goodness, you went out of your way to reach out to each and every one of your many classmates! That helps to make the classroom a friendly and nurturing place to be! I look forward to getting to know you in this class.”

(She likes exclamation points, and this class is online.)

So, that’s nice.

As usual, paralegal-related posts are scheduled for Mondays, and the above assignments (except for the bio, I talk enough about myself on this blog) will be shared in late March or early April, if I have my scheduling figured out right. 🙂

Murphy is getting less fun time, too, which is probably the worst part, as he probably feels punished when his run-around time us so drastically reduced. Poor little buddy.


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