Funny Stuff Someone Else Blogged

Some great stuff I didn’t write, from a blogger named “muk”:

1. THE GOOD NEWS: because you chose to wax, you won’t see any regrowth of hair for weeks. Why?

Because it is AFRAID. When it does return, it will come in fine and soft, not stickery.

THE BAD NEWS: Now you have to wait a few days before resuming sex. Or doing anything besides lying in front of a fan with your legs spread (have one of those Glade Scent-Story things going; this can attract gulls.)

Chances are you ain’t gonna feel much like exposing your nethers to the public anyway, nethers which are asking you ‘Why? Was I bad??’ in a trembly little voice and will be for at least a day or so. 


2. I was on a Stonehenge kick about ten years ago. I read every nonfiction book and article I could find on the subject. What I learned is that nobody knows who built it or what its for, but they DO know that it’s 1. big, and 2. made of rocks.

Is it just me, or are you remembering “This Is Spinal Tap,” too?

Good stuff.

Meanwhile, I am trying hard to find something funny to say about everyday annoyances like AIM not connecting and my laptop going into a several hours-long reboot loop just when I have two papers due. Why? ‘Cause that shit just isn’t funny.

It doesn’t even make a good anecdote.


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