The One Where My Friend Is Writing A CV

Here’s a conversation you might enjoy.

Friend 1: writing CVs suck ass.

Friend 2: I concur.

Friend 1: what does “interpersonal” mean

Friend 1:  god I’m lying so much already and I’m only writing the cover letter

Friend 3: Lying about your age again? ; )

Britpoptarts: ‘Interpersonal’ is workspeak for “I do not plan to do mental things or be a prat in the workplace.”

Britpoptarts: Most of my former co-workers lied like rugs answering that bit.

Friend 1: oh fuck

Britpoptarts:  ?

Friend 1:  I am totally the mental case in the workplace!

* Friend 1 deletes that bit

Britpoptarts:  LOL

Britpoptarts:  It also implies that you do not plan to kill and eat them for at least two months.

Britpoptarts:  After which, all bets are off.



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