Our Panel Of Experts: Advice Mavens

Here at Liberal Lore, we believe in offering a number of services to our most faithful customers. Our Panel of Experts is here to offer advice with all life’s problems and sticky issues.

Currently our Panel of Experts includes:

  • Mr. Blackwell, renowned arbiter of fashion.
  • Honeysuckle Peacechild Leibowitz, activist.
  • “Moose,” BMOC.
  • Mrs. Franklin Edwin “Betty Ruth” Buckles, homemaker and parent.
  • Mr. Paul Lynde, funny uncle, bon vivant, and cartoon rat.
  • Mr. Andy Warhol, filmmaker, photographer, social butterfly, Aspergian, hoarder.
  • Countess Ra’Vyn Lysandra Daemonique, Hot Topic employee, mime, and fanfic author.
  • Xander Da6d Allen, hipster douche, couchsurfer, photographer, Bad Boyfriend, blogger.
  • Mr. Jim Morrison, rockstar, philosopher, hippie, cult leader.
  • Miss Penni Dreadful, professional drag queen, karaoke star and sandwich technician.
  • Miss Melony Plunder, retired sex worker / fluffer and bonsai enthusiast.
  • Dr. Eugene Thorpe-Winters, professor of semiotics and literary theory at Yale.
  • Freddy “Enigma” Burger, administrative assistant, pick-up artist book fan, permavirgin.
  • Al Crow, Ron Paul fan, contributor to Coast To Coast AM radio show, inventor of the Time Spiral
  • Miss Barbara Millicent Roberts, cosmeceutical expert, astronaut, teacher, chanteuse, doctor, lawyer, firefighter, police officer, mermaid, princess, rock star, Olympic gymnast, ballerina, flight attendant, Presidential candidate, more.
  • Enid Hacker, trailer park manager, Tea Party member, nail tech and Herbalife vendor.
  • Monsieur Meezers, a retired French LOLcat now living in New Orleans.
  • Herb Trumpney, Sr., angry old white man.
  • Mrs. Emily Post, knuckle-rapper, genteel lady, and manners maven.
  • Mrs. Dorothy Parker, professional raconteur, wit and poet.
  • Mystery Date, who is a perpetual mystery.

To ask our Panel Of Experts a question, simply respond to any post, but please put “Dear Panel” in the Subject line. The first available Panel member will respond to your burning questions as soon as possible.

We regret that we cannot accept requests for specific Panel members.

We at Liberal Lore thank you for your continued support and patronage.

— Management

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