About This Blog: Here Be Dragons…

All the topics you’re not supposed to discuss in polite company!

Liberal Lore may feature posts about:

  • U.S. politics. Lorelei is a progressive.
  • Feminism. Kindly do not annoy everyone with “what about the men?” posts. Please Google “Feminism 101” if you are confused.
  • Atheism. Lorelei does not care what your personal beliefs might be; this is not all about you.
  • Internet culture. Lorelei has probably already seen that meme. Yes, she likes cats and bacon.
  • Urban legends. It is recommended that you acquaint yourself with Snopes.com.
  • Equal rights. Yes, that includes non-straight, non-white, non-religious people.
  • Paralegal stuff. I’m working on a career change, since my MA and two BAs have been fairly useless so far. I’ll post discussions and papers for which my instructors gave me a good grade. They are likely to be very boring (but informative). WARNING: My college uses several popular plagiarism checkers, all of which store my writing in perpetuity, so it is not advised that you copypasta my writing and submit it for a class. You will get busted.

Some other topics that might be discussed:

  • Poverty. If you want to know how to make soup out of 57 sauce and pepper, you may find out.
  • Books. I’m partial to non-fiction and dystopias, and heartily dislike Twilight et al.
  • Weird or bizarre news stories.
  • Introversion. “The world is too much with us, late and soon…” Sometimes I need to go hide and lick my wounds for a while, alone.
  • Depression. See also: Poverty and Un(der)employment, plus a heaping helping of wonky brain chemicals thanks to my father’s side of the family.
  • The arts. I like Photoshop, and also have been known to do some cartoons and illustrations from time to time.
  • Music. I like Britpop and indie stuff.
  • Cults (Scientology especially). PROTIP: Do not join a cult. You’re welcome.
  • Gadgets. Right now I am not able to buy any, but I still like the shinies.
  • Psychology. Human beings are weird.
  • Anglophilia. If I became a millionaire overnight, I’d leave cartoon vapor trails behind while moving to London.
  • Social networking. I love/hate it.
  • Exotic pets. Expect commentary about my pet (Murphy the ferret) in particular.
  • Stupidity. This should generate a lot of discussion. It’s not in short supply.
  • Family wangst. All families are crazy to a degree; mine is loving and wonderful but could still win medals.
  • SCIENCE! It’s a good thing.
  • Rants. I’m actually a kind and patient person (or so I am told), but I get grouchy and vent now and then. In truth, I don’t bite.
  • Miscellaneous stuff. 

WARNING: Blog contains adult language and crankiness. If you are allergic to either, do not consume.